Medical Care Exhibition Areas Are Full of Exciting New Tech and Innovations

February 1, 2021 , Medical Care Exhibition

The first China international trade show, medical care exhibition and medical products, was held in Shanghai before the nationwide supply and demand balance conference held in Beijing. This exhibition featured Chinese manufacturers of dental equipments, surgical instruments and devices, laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical products and diagnostic tools. Medical Care Products produced by well-known Chinese brands such as Qiming, Heilong and TEGO are on display here. This exhibition had the theme “Prevention and Treatment”, emphasizing on medical issues and equipment for prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Medical Care Exhibition Shanghai, also known as MMEDS, is organized by the People’s Hospitality Association (HTA), a non-profit society that helps promote social development through trade and fairs. This two day’s event, bringing together thousands of business and industry people from all around the country, has been considered as one of the important networking events of the year. Medical Care Exhibition Shanghai, held annually since 1992, is the only China trade show to feature exclusive booths offering cutting edge electronic and innovation technologies to Chinese manufacturers of dental and medical devices and supplies. All the exhibitors here include the leading manufacturers in their respective fields, who showcase their products and services to over 1000 retailers, distributors and service providers from all around the world.

There are numerous benefits for foreign direct investors and entrepreneurs looking to increase their exposure to China, through a visit to the Chinese market. First, it is an excellent platform to do business. At the medical equipment and medical care exhibition, you can interact directly with Chinese manufacturers and dealers. You can test drive new products, check prices and discuss strategies and develop cooperative relationships, before starting your business in China.

It is also a chance to learn about China’s innovative culture. The event provides a unique opportunity to connect with Chinese entrepreneurs and dealers, exchange ideas, improve business exchanges and enhance understanding of the Chinese market and business environment. Being here during the China international import expo, you will be able to witness first hand, the evolution of Chinese society. While participating in the exhibition, you can have the chance to visit the China International Import Exhibitor Centre in Shanghai, which houses over 400 different exhibits. Here, you can find some remarkable products such as flat panel TVs, computers, laptops, digital cameras, global cell phone cases, and binoculars, to name just a few.

At the China International Import Exhibitor Centre in Shanghai, you can participate in the China International Import Exhibitor Village Program, which is a comprehensive, two-day event. During this program, you will be able to attend a number of seminars and workshops on topics ranging from the art of marketing to healthcare management and financing. At the end of the day, you will have the opportunity to go to a grand opening reception hosted by the centre. During the exhibition area, you will find a wide variety of exhibits, including: a life-size cutout of Chen Yi, China’s first President; Biogenix, a leading biotechnology and nutrition company; Longevity Direct, an online retailer that sells lifestyle products such as food, health and beauty; and Medi+ Asia, a leading supplier of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. As well as this, the centre will host an evening party for its guests, where they can enjoy complimentary drinks, appetizers, and complimentary Chinese music.

Medical Care Exhibition areas in cities like Toronto, London, and Paris are filled with exciting companies and manufacturers displaying their latest technological advances and innovations in the world of medical care. Whether it’s a chance to view cutting-edge devices and equipment, try on exciting new products, or just have fun browsing and enjoying the galleries, these photo courtesy exhibitions allow you to immerse yourself completely in the Chinese culture and experience everything that China has to offer. Whether you are travelling to China for business or pleasure, the Medical Care Exhibition is an ideal way to experience new and exciting attractions in the most exciting city around.