Medical Care Exhibition – A Global Medicine Exhibition

July 29, 2021 , Medical Care Exhibition

China’s medical care industry is in the boom phase and so are the exhibitions held here to showcase the latest cutting-edge technology and innovations. This Medical Care Exhibition in China, organized by Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (HTCMS) aims at promoting the use of traditional Chinese medicine among foreign visitors and present them with products that can help improve their health. The exhibition features booths selling a variety of latest medical care supplies and equipment, such as high pressure equipment, robots, diagnostic machines, and x-ray equipment. Products on sale include an assortment of bandages, ointments, medicines, disposable diapers, artificial feet, dentures, scissors, gauze, and vitamins. These products are not available in the West and instead require a prescription from your doctor before purchasing.

Medical Care Exhibition in China’s exhibition area had a theme of using traditional Chinese medicine to fight against modern diseases. To illustrate this, the first item on sale was the “Three Treasures.” The picture shows a man sitting on a reclining chair with a large gold medicine chest. In his hands, a woman wears a surgical mask and looks through a microscope, which shows several small metal tubes containing medicine. Each of these tubes carries a white crystal.

Medical Care Exhibition exhibits used medical equipment and therapeutic items to demonstrate how they work. During the expo, a number of doctors from various foreign countries came to the exhibition areas to present and sell their wares. Visitors who were interested in the exhibition could ask the exhibitor about the items that they sold, or they could also ask to try using the products. Most exhibitors offered free demonstrations and were happy to answer questions.

Another popular medical care exhibition area at the same time had a focus on alternative methods to treating diseases. One of the displays featured a man dressed in a white lab coat who was accompanied by two women. One of the women held a piece of plastic tubing that was covered with sand. The other woman held a piece of paper covered in a magnetic surface. The reporter asked the men if they would like to touch the magnetic paper.

A reporter watched as one of the men reached out for the paper and felt a tingle. He explained that it was the magnetism of the magnetic surface that was causing the tingling sensation. The expo featured not only alternative methods of medical treatment but also demonstrated some of the latest medical devices and equipment. The Medical Care Exhibition area at the Dubai Mall also had a display dedicated to dentistry. Visitors stood in line to see dental equipment, including mouth guards, gumball machines, and trays. Visitors also were able to purchase dental products for an affordable price.

Medical Care Exhibition is a fantastic way to expand the awareness of medical problems and the ability to treat them. Exhibitors at the Medical Care Exhibition were also allowed to bring their own equipment, which gave them an opportunity to display their wares to the crowd. There is a large emphasis on the need for medical treatment in Dubai right now. With all of the coverage that our media has done about the Gulf War, the people here have no doubt taken it upon themselves to ensure that everyone receives proper health care.